Why You Should Consider the diVa Laser to Restore Your Vaginal Health

As a woman, getting older means lots of changes in your body that affect not only your physical health, but your vaginal health.

Your body slows down its production of important reproductive hormones, such as estrogen, as you head toward menopause. This transition be an especially difficult because of all the vaginal changes that start to crop up.

Dr. Barbara Bopp understands how frustrating vaginal dryness and irritation can be for her patients. She offers nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation services using the latest technologies, like the diVa® laser system, to restore vaginal health and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Vaginal rejuvenation with laser technology may also be a great option if you’re dissatisfied with your vaginal appearance and health following childbirth.

How aging affects your vaginal health

The loss of estrogen can trigger a number of changes that cause recurrent issues with your vaginal health. Primarily, estrogen is linked to healthy tissue in the vaginal canal, stimulating the continued production of collagen in your younger years.

Without as much estrogen, your vaginal tissues become drier and lose their elasticity. You may also notice a decrease in your natural lubrication, making sex painful.

Other vaginal health issues you may face include:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Painful urination
  • Urinary incontinence

Unfortunately, these issues continue to worsen as the years go on, making you increasingly uncomfortable and even embarrassed. However, with advancements in nonsurgical treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, there is something you can do about your situation.

Why the diVa laser system makes a difference

The diVa laser system uses hybrid fractional laser energy to heat the tissues in the vaginal walls. This process stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen to rebuild old, damaged tissue.

Treatment requires no incisions, anesthesia, or surgery, ensuring your skin is healthy and remains free of scars, infections, and other complications common with invasive procedures.

As new collagen develops, your vaginal tissues get stronger and healthier. Stronger tissues can also better support your bladder, reducing episodes of unexpected urine leaks caused by urinary incontinence.

The heat energy from the diVa laser can also improve your vaginal lubrication, making sex more comfortable. For some, vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments have even enhanced sexual sensations.

Easy treatments with long-lasting results

The diVa system only takes a few minutes to address the entire vaginal canal. To ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure, Dr. Bopp can supply a topical numbing cream before inserting the slender laser device.

Immediately after treatment, your body responds, beginning to boost your production of collagen. It may take additional laser treatments to achieve optimal results, but you may notice improvement in your vaginal health after just the first session.

Results of laser treatments with the diVa system can last for months, finally relieving vaginal itching and dryness that interferes with your life. And diVa laser therapy is safe to use again, every 6-12 months, to help you maintain results and protect your vaginal health.

To learn more about the benefits of the diVa laser system or to find out if you’re a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation, schedule a consultation today. You can book an appointment by calling our office in Metairie, Louisiana.