Excessive Sweating

If you suffer from excessive sweating – sweating so severe that you’re embarrassed or you sometimes avoid activities with friends – you may have hyperhidrosis. MiraDry, an innovative treatment available from Dr. Felix Bopp and the team at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery, can provide long-lasting relief from abnormal sweating. If you’re tired of trying to hide your sweating, call their office in Metairie, Louisiana, or book a consultation online to learn whether you’re a good candidate for treatment with MiraDry.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for abnormal and excessive sweating. This type of sweating exceeds the normal amount required to regulate your body temperature.

When you have hyperhidrosis, you sweat even when you aren’t hot or active. You may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothing or drips off your hands. It also tends to worsen when you’re under stress.

Hyperhidrosis often begins in childhood or adolescence and then persists throughout adulthood, as it’s hard to treat with traditional methods. It commonly affects the palms, soles and underarms, but it can occur anywhere on your body.


What causes hyperhidrosis?

Primary hyperhidrosis develops when the nerves responsible for stimulating your sweat glands become overactive, causing sweating even though they haven’t been triggered by high body temperature or physical activity.

A second type of hyperhidrosis, secondary hyperhidrosis, occurs when a medical condition causes the sweating. This form often causes excessive sweating all over your body. A few of the conditions that can lead to secondary hyperhidrosis include diabetes, menopause, and thyroid problems.

How does miraDry® treat hyperhidrosis?

Traditional treatment for hyperhidrosis usually begins with prescription antiperspirants, followed by medications and various therapies ranging from Botox injections to the extreme of surgical removal of sweat glands. In spite of these options, hyperhidrosis can be difficult to treat, which is why you should consult with Dr. Felix Bopp about treatment with MiraDry.

MiraDry delivers microwave energy to the targeted sweat glands, destroying sweat and odor glands. Once the glands are eliminated, problems with sweat and odor are significantly diminished or eliminated.

MiraDry is used to treat the underarms of people with primary hyperhidrosis. If you have an underlying health condition, your hyperhidrosis should diminish the underlying problem if treated.

What should you expect during treatment with miraDry®?

Treatment with miraDry is a non-invasive and painless procedure done in the office. Most people require one to two treatments.

After numbing the underarm area, the miraDry device is placed against your underarm, where it sends microwave energy into targeted glands. Some people experience side effects such as a change in skin sensation, but you’ll discuss all the details about the procedure during your consultation.

How long will results last?

The results of MiraDry are immediate because the glands are instantly destroyed. More importantly, your results are long-lasting because the glands are gone for good.

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