Dermtech Smart Sticker


Dermtech Smart Sticker

The DermTech Melanoma Test gently and non-invasively detects the presence of genomic markers associated with melanoma. It does this at a level 10,000x closer than the traditional care pathway, such as a microscope or visual assessment. It’s a reliable test because the absence of those markers indicates an extremely low likelihood that a mole is melanoma. And the presence of those markers also signals a high risk for melanoma, which helps the doctor make a more informed decision.

Looks Simple, Acts Revolutionary

The specially designed adhesive is strong yet gentle enough to non-invasively lift skin cells from the top layers of your skin (where the genomic markers are present), with little to no discomfort. The adhesive in the Smart Sticker also stores and preserves your skin cells for the time needed to ship the samples to the DermTech Gene Lab for testing.

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