Non-Surgical Facelift

When you’re ready to fight the effect of time and aging, a non-surgical facelift with Ultherapy® may be the solution you need. The team at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery provides expert treatment with the cutting-edge technology of Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound to diminish wrinkles and lift and tighten your skin. If you’d like to learn more about this non-invasive and effective procedure, call their office in Metairie, Louisiana, or book a consultation by calling the office.

What is a Non-surgical facelift?

A non-surgical facelift is a procedure that rejuvenates facial skin with Ultherapy, an innovative medical device that uses ultrasound – high-frequency sound waves. It’s FDA-cleared to treat your face and neck by lifting skin on the neck, under the chin, and above the brow, and to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

How does Ultherapy achieve a non-surgical facelift?

An aesthetician will place the Ultherapy applicator against your skin, and it then sends ultrasound energy safely through your skin to targeted areas beneath the surface. The device has a unique imaging system that allows your aesthetician to visualize the tissues while they’re being treated, which ensures optimal treatment.

Ultrasound energy heats the targeted tissues, stimulating a natural healing response that promotes the production of new collagen and elastin. As old skin is replaced, your fresh skin is stronger, tighter, and has a better texture. Over time, the process lifts your skin and diminishes wrinkles.


What should you expect during the procedure?

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Felix Bopp. To be sure that Ultherapy is the best option for you, Dr. Bopp evaluates your skin and talks with you about your concerns and the results you’d like to see.

Ultherapy treatment is performed by highly trained aestheticians. Local anesthesia is injected into the treatment area to provide comfort during the procedure. The aesthetician first applies ultrasound gel on the treatment area, then places the smooth ultrasound applicator against your skin. After using Ultherapy’s ultrasound imaging to determine where to target the treatment, ultrasound energy is delivered deep beneath the skin.

The length of your session depends on the areas being treated. If your face and neck are both receiving Ultherapy, it may take about 2 hours. A chest treatment takes about 30 minutes.

Your skin may appear flushed right after treatment, but this should disappear in a few hours. Some people also develop mild swelling, bruising or tenderness. None of the side effects are serious enough to require downtime for recovery – you can go back to your normal routine as soon as your treatment is finished.

When will you see results?

You may see a small effect right after Ultherapy treatment, but it takes time for your body to regenerate collagen. You’ll see gradual changes with ultimate results developing three to six months depending on the patients age. 

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