Laser Genesis

If you need skin renewal, but you just don’t have the time or energy for complicated recovery, consider a Laser Genesis® treatment at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery in Metairie, Louisiana. This gentle treatment minimizes wrinkles, reduces pore size, and even treats skin redness like rosacea. To find out how Laser Genesis can treat your skin, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive treatment that helps with common skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, large pores, acne, and acne scars. Laser Genesis is a nonablative treatment, which means it doesn’t actually remove your top layer of skin as more invasive treatments do. 

Overall, Laser Genesis is one of the gentlest ways to improve skin appearance.

How does Laser Genesis improve my skin?

The laser works in several different ways.

Kills bacteria

Laser Genesis destroys harmful bacteria on and below your skin surface to stop acne breakouts.

Reduces redness

If you have broken capillaries, like those seen in rosacea, Laser Genesis treatment targets the capillaries to seal them off. Eventually, the capillaries wither from lack of blood supply and the redness diminishes.

Prompts new collagen growth

Laser Genesis stimulates new collagen growth in your dermis. Over time, this new collagen fills out skin depressions like acne scars, shrinks your pores, and helps firm your skin.

Your care provider at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery tailors your Laser Genesis treatment for your particular concerns and goals. 

What is the Laser Genesis treatment process like?

You'll wear small goggles to protect your eyes from the laser light. Your Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery provider moves the laser gently over your skin to send light into the top layer of skin, as well as the dermis below it. 

You might feel warm during the treatment, but most patients say that Laser Genesis is comfortable. In fact, many patients say the warmth and slight tingling is actually soothing. The total treatment takes only around 30 minutes, and no recovery time is needed. 

How many Laser Genesis treatments do I need?

You’ll see and feel subtle skin improvement after your first treatment, and that may be sufficient for your goals. But, if you want more significant improvement, a series of treatments might be beneficial. For optimal results, you might need around 3-6 treatments, a month apart and then one treatment every 3-6 months for maintenance.

Young-looking, smooth, and firm skin are waiting for you at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery. Use online scheduling or call the office to arrange your Laser Genesis appointment today.

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