Vivascope Confocal Microscopy

how is it used in medical imaging?


VivaScope microscopes allow for the acquisition of non-invasive optical biopsies. This method has already been well established in the fields of dermatology, oncology and cosmetic research.  An instant digital pathological examination of freshly excised tissue can be performed with VivaScope microscopes. This technology is already used in the fields of dermatology, urology and gynaecology and provides results without the common delays. Additionally, further applications are being explored at the moment.

Fast and Easy

The VivaScope confocal laser scanning microscopes have been specially developed for medical standard examinations and can be integrated easily into an existing workflow. Our integrated software allows for clinical, dermatoscopic and confocal imaging with only one software interface.


VivaScope devices have been used for medical examinations for more than 20 years. In the meantime the devices have acquired an excellent reputation and are well known for their reliability.

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