What Can I Do About Excessive Sweating?

When excessive sweating is keeping you from the activities you love, it’s time to consider your treatment options. At Bopp Dermatology, Dr. Felix Bopp offers the latest innovations in treating excessive sweating, a disorder known as hyperhidrosis.

With the right care, you no longer have to stress about excessive sweating. This is a major benefit because stress can actually worsen your problem.

Why you’re sweating so much

Your body is designed to sweat to help you regulate and maintain a healthy body temperature. When you have hyperhidrosis, your body starts to sweat even when you’re at rest or aren’t feeling hot.

Hyperhidrosis causes excessive sweating in just certain areas of your body while the rest of you remains dry. You may experience dripping sweat from your:

  • Feet
  • Palms
  • Underarms
  • Head and face

Not only can this type of sweating make you feel uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing when you begin sweating through your clothing or others can see visible sweat pouring from your hands and face. 

You may also find it more difficult to do your job or engage in your usual activities because sweat interferes with your physical abilities or your vision, or because sweat-related odors are overpowering.

Primary hyperhidrosis stems from overstimulation of the nerves in your sweat glands rather than from your actual body temperature. You can also have secondary hyperhidrosis due to an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or a thyroid disorder, that causes excessive sweating.

Women going through perimenopause, the time leading up to menopause and the ending of their menstrual cycle, are also prone to secondary hyperhidrosis-related sweating.

Both primary and secondary hyperhidrosis can begin in childhood and worsen as you become an adult.  

Treatment that works when nothing else will

In the initial stages of hyperhidrosis, you may find that prescription-strength antiperspirants and certain medications can control your excessive sweating. In more extreme cases, you may even consider the removal of your sweat glands.

However, miraDry® is an innovative treatment for hyperhidrosis that Dr. Bopp offers to stop excessive sweating without surgery or the expense of multiple prescription therapies.

The miraDry treatment is a noninvasive procedure that Dr. Bopp performs in-office. The technology uses microwave energy to destroy sweat and odor glands under your arm without the need for incisions.

Without these glands, your excessive sweating is significantly decreased or eliminated. Treatment with miraDry also addresses the glands that cause strong odors associated with excessive sweating.

Enjoying long-lasting, no-sweat results

Once miraDry destroys the sweat glands, they’re gone forever. They can no longer produce sweat or odors, ensuring you get long-lasting results.

Sweat and odor glands are destroyed immediately during your treatment, so there’s no waiting for your results. You can get right back to your usual activities without any limitations or fears about your hyperhidrosis. You also get the peace of mind that your excessive sweating issues won’t make a return at some point down the road.

If you have concerns about your excessive sweating and want to learn more about the benefits of miraDry, call our office at 504-291-7391 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bopp today.