Alison Pitre

I don’t like making recommendations because you can never be sure the person will have an experience consistent with yours. Here, however, I have no hesitation whatsoever! Bopp Dermatology NEVER DISAPPOINTS! Dr. Bopp is a great doctor and an exceptional person which is evident when you visit her office (sincerely – this is not an exaggeration). Dr. Bopp does not push for services you don’t need, she’s generous with her time, and her staff is amazing. And, Dr. Bopp is a true artist! Anyone who worries about trying fillers because they’re concerned about looking fake or ending up with fish lips, you absolutely need to try Dr. Barbara. She has a light touch and knows exactly how to take years off your face while ensuring you look completely natural. Family, friends and/or co-workers won’t be able to tell what changed, only that you look fresher and more vibrant. There is no down time, you can leave her office and return to work looking amazing. Dr. Felix Bopp is equally wonderful. My husband is a full-blown pain to get to the doctor for anything. After much coaxing, he saw Dr. Felix to have a large cyst removed and my husband couldn’t say enough good things about his experience.