You don’t have to live with regret, Remove it…

Over the last decade, tattoos have become increasingly popular. In a world overcome by reality television, there are over 20 programs dedicated to the rise of inking. Although no two tattoos are completely alike, a lot of people with tattoos have something in common. In a study of 1000 tattooed Americans, more than 1 in 4 has a tattoo that they regret. These feelings are a result of lifestyle changes, age, job opportunities, and embarrassment.

Why cover it up, when you can be free of it?

More recent methods of tattoo removal include peels, lotions, gels, and even covering up the original ink by replacing it with new ink. The effects from these treatments are minimal at best, and can cause other serious medical issues. The most effective way to erase your tattoo past is through laser tattoo removal.

At Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery, we have some fantastic news for you! We waited until the time and technology were right, and are proud to introduce our newest addition to the family, Enlighten. Enlighten offers industry leading power, treatment depth, and speed for the most efficient and complete tattoo removal results. It is the world’s first laser with dual wavelength and dual pulse duration.

What does this mean? It results in 40% fewer treatments and it is approved for all skin types!

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding laser tattoo removal:

  1. How many treatments will be involved? Each person is as unique as their tattoo. However, most professional tattoos take about 5-10 treatments, spaced about 4-12 weeks apart. The following factors affect how long your ink may take to clear: amount of ink, depth of ink, location, age, and colors involved.
  2. Can I come in sooner for subsequent treatments to clear it faster? Unfortunately, it will not clear faster by coming in sooner than recommended. The time in between treatments is so it can heal properly and your body has time to flush the ink out naturally.
  3. Is it painful? Most laser treatments, size depending, usually take a matter of minutes. Any discomfort that is felt, it is described as a similar feeling to getting the tattoo.
  4. Will the tattoo remove completely? In most cases, yes, however complete clearance of a tattoo cannot be guaranteed because of all the unregulated ink on the market.
  5. What are the common side effects after a procedure? The treated area may have redness, swelling, and may sometimes blister. These blisters are superficial and will heal beautifully, but may be uncomfortable for a couple days. You will be given a complete list of pre and post care instructions at your consultation so you will know exactly what to expect.

Call us for a complimentary consultation so that we can customize a treatment plan for you!