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One of the truest desires of the majority of women is that they want to look and feel beautiful – always. We often hear phrases like, “looks don’t matter,” and while this can be true, it’s always good to have a positive image of yourself, and when you want to make cosmetic tweaks, they should be to make yourself feel good, and not to satisfy others. To find a wide array of dermatology services in New Orleans, such as cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, laser treatments, and even medical dermatology, just call Bopp Dermatology! With a dedicated staff and loads of experience and expertise, they can help you look and feel your best.

Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures

Dr. Felix Bopp offers several different cosmetic procedures and dermatology services in New Orleans to help you get the skin you’ve always wanted. With such a long list of treatments, the Bopp staff can surely put together a personalized treatment plan made just for you to bring the optimal results. Some of these treatments include:
• Botox
• Sculptra
• NeoGraft
• Chemical Peels
• HydraFacial MD
• MicroLaser Peel
• And many more!
You can find a full list of the services that they offer by visiting their Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures page on their website.

Laser Treatment and Hair Reduction

Ladies, let’s face it, sometimes you’ve got to literally take a laser to your skin to get rid of several different possible imperfections that we all want to live without. The first of these is hair. We have hair everywhere, and while some of it might not be that bothersome, depending on your genes, you may be one of the ones stuck with thick, coarse hair that you are dying to rid yourself of. It’s a true struggle sometimes to have to grow your hair out in places so that you won’t get “razor burn” from shaving so frequently. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to not have to shave your armpits ever again, or to not have to plan your outfits accordingly so that your hair won’t show? Visit the staff at Bopp Dermatology to start the process of destroying these pesky hair follicles forever.

Fungal Nail Infections

Not only can Bopp Dermatology take care of hair reduction and skin, but fungal nail infections as well. Fungal infections on the toenails are actually very common, and definitely not fun to deal with. Not only could they be painful, but you’ll always feel self conscious about letting people see the imperfection. Some risk factors that could cause these infections include getting a manicure or pedicure with unsanitary tools, and impaired or poorly functioning immune system, or even something as simple as wearing closed toe shoes. Bring your case to Dr. Bopp and finally relieve yourself of the pain, because, unfortunately, over-the-counter creams are not always effective, and it takes something a bit stronger to kill the infection.

And For The Men…

A great deal of people suffer from hair loss. Sometimes men can make it work, but this is much more difficult for women to counteract, and it’s not something that is easily embraced. Bopp Dermatology offers NeoGraft Hair Transplants for hair restoration for both men and women, and both Dr. Felix and Barbara Bopp have over twenty years of experience with hair restoration and hair transplants. Some benefits of the NeoGraft method include the fact that it is a very safe and minimally invasive procedure that leaves you with minimal bleeding and fewer complications. Patients experience barely any discomfort, no scalpel incision, sutures, linear scars, and often have quick recover times!

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