Have Precancer Lesions?

10 reasons why you should get Photodynamic Therapy (PDT):

  1. Treats precancers (Actinic Keratosis) seen and unseen
  2. Prevents lesions from growing into skin cancer. 1 out of 10 lesions turn into skin cancer!
  3. Only 1-3 treatments per year
  4. Non-Invasive
  5. No long-term side effects
  6. No scarring
  7. More precise treatment
  8. Insurance coverage and often cost less than other treatments
  9. Done in the office
  10. Cosmetic benefits; smoother and more even toned skin

*The majority of treated precancers of the face or scalp cleared at 3 months remained clear for 12 months afterward!

So why wait until you have a skin cancer?
Prevent with Photodynamic Therapy today.