Fabulous Skin for Your Wedding Day, Book Your Consultation Today at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery

Christmas has come and gone…so has New Years’, and guess what? Your June wedding is just around the corner and will be here in the blink of an eye! What does every bride wish for on her wedding day? She simply wants to look fabulous!!
We are here to help at Bopp Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery! Whether you are short on time or on budget; the right skin care regimen, a series of HydraFacial’s, a chemical peel, or a Halo Laser Treatment can help keep your face blemish free and give your skin that healthy glow. You can soften the lines between your brows or address the crow’s feet with Botox injections. Or maybe even a little filler to soften the marionette lines or plump up those luscious lips for your big day. These are only a few of the options we can offer. Come see us and find out what quick fixes or long-term treatment plans might be right for you.
Don’t get so busy making the plans for your big day that forget about you. You will have more photographs taken on your wedding day than any other single day of your life. Include your Mother and or soon to be Mother-in-law in the plans and make it a girls day. Remember, if a surgery is in your future, you need to allow time for swelling or bruising to go away before the wedding parties begin and that is usually about a month or so prior to the wedding itself!
Invite your fiancé to come too, he will most likely only be in about half of the pictures that you will! However, we want you both to look refreshed and rejuvenated. We would love to help your wedding day be all that you have dreamed and planned for. Give us a call today for a complimentary cosmetic consultation!