Chemical Peels in New Orleans from Bopp Dermatology

Get beautiful, healthy skin you can feel confident about with Bopp Dermatology in New Orleans! Dr. Felix and Barbara Bopp have been specializing in Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery since 1991, and aim to provide their patients with quality personalized service in a relaxed, calming setting. Bopp Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery provides patients with the most advanced procedures in New Orleans, Metairie, and the Northshore. If you want tighter, smoother skin, you may want to consider getting a chemical peel from Bopp Dermatology! Chemical peels work by exposing a fresh new lawyer of skin that has a richer color and is much smoother than the layer on top. Chemical peels have a plethora of other great benefits, and and they are just one of the many great services from Bopp Dermatology in New Orleans! Call or click today to find out more about what Dr. Bopp and his team can do for you.

Chemical Peels from Bopp Dermatology

The team at Bopp Dermatology in New Orleans offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, including chemical peels. Chemical peels are basically a controlled injury to your skin that allows for smoothing and tightening of that skin. The point of a skin peel is to control the shedding of several layers of damaged skin cells. Once these damaged cells are removed, a new, fresh layer of skin is exposed. This new layer of skin contains more color and has a far smoother texture that you will be able to feel. Chemical peels also stimulate new cells to grow, which tightens the skin and decreases wrinkling. Chemical peels can improve a multitude of skin conditions, including dull or weather skin, freckling, blotchy pigmentation, sun damage, fine wrinkles, acne, and acne scarring.

The procedure is relatively simple, and light peels do not require any anesthesia. After light peels, the treated skin turns red or pink and heals without any crusting. Skin redness usually lasts between 1-3 hours, and most people take about 5-7 days to heal from an average peel. There is no pain during the healing process, but your skin will look like it was sun burned. There may be some minor shedding or peeling of the skin, but this should only last about a week. It is crucial that you protect your new skin after a chemical peel by applying plenty of sunscreen and avoiding strong sunlight, at least for the first 6-8 weeks.

Getting a Vi Facial Peel

The Vi Peel from Bopp Dermatology is a blend of strong ingredients that is acceptable for any skin type. The Vi Peel is highly effective when treating pigment on the skin, as well as facial treatments and sun damage to the decolletage and hands. This procedure is great for cleaning acne and impurities for children as young as twelve years old. A series of these treatments can even reduce acne scars, leaving you with clear, smooth skin you can be proud of! Another great thing is, the Vi Peel is virtually painless! Sensitive patients may feel a light stinging feeling, which will only last for a few minutes and is controlled by the use of a fan during application. Not only that, but the treatment only takes up to twenty minutes. The Vi Peel is safe to be used once a month until you receive the results you desire.

Chemical Peels and More from Bopp Dermatology in New Orleans

In addition to chemical peels, Bopp Dermatology offers many more cosmetic procedures including Botox, Profound Facial Treatment, Sculptra, Sclerotherapy, FX Laser Skin Resurfacing, Ultherapy, Microdermabrasion, Rejuvapen Micro Needling, MicroLaser Peel, Laser Hair Reduction, NeoGrafts, and more! Get your chemical peel from Bopp Dermatology in New Orleans today and see and feel the difference in your new, healthy skin!