Bye Bye Sweet Summer Time

Louisiana summers are full of family fun, outdoor activities and creating long lasting memories. They also create long lasting sun damage! But don’t worry the Bopp Skin team is here to help.

Fall is the perfect time to start reversing that sun damage with great skin care products and treatments to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Here are some of our favorite treatments to create a more even skin tone!


BBL is a great treatment for that person on the go. It reduces redness, diminishes dark spots, vanishes vessels and gives you that touchable soft skin. It does all of this in 3-6 treatments and without any downtime. Not only does it rejuvenate your skin and diminish dark spots, it also delays the aging process! It was proven in a long-term clinical study that regular BBL treatments (at least once a year) can stop the clock on the appearance of aging skin. Patients that received regular BBL Treatments over a decade appeared 11 years younger! That means they looked younger than when they started! That’s pretty AMAZING!


Halo is the first dual laser that helps with discoloration, visible signs of aging, texture, pore size, scar revision and so much more! This laser is a game changer and the results are undeniable. With 1 to 2 treatments your skin will look dramatically smoothers and more even. Your friends will be asking how you got that glamorous glow and what your secret is!

Schedule an appointment today at Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery for your complimentary consultation and start working towards the skin you have always dream of!