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While most people may shy away from talking about things like vaginal rejuvenation, it’s important to know that this is the exact same as most rejuvenating procedures; as we age, so does the rest of our body parts, and therefore we want procedures that will keep those parts in tip top shape. This also goes for the vagina. It is a completely normal body part that ages just as much as the rest of the female body. And there are two main things that can change a woman’s privates in a major way; childbirth and menopause. While a lot of women’s natural body processes will heal the stretching of childbirth, there are some cases where the vaginal walls as well as surrounding tissues will become damaged, and will in turn not be able to heal back to their original state. Menopause, on the other hand, is when the body starts producing less estrogen, and therefore will start causing thinning, drying, or even inflammation of the vaginal wall. Both of these life events’ toll on ones body can be improved with the non-surgical procedure of Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation offered by Bopp Dermatology in Metairie! With this new groundbreaking technology, you can have your vagina working just like you want it to without the risk of scary surgery or needles. Let’s get a better understanding of what Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation can do for you.

What is Diva?

Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation is a non surgical procedure offered from Bopp Dermatology in Metairie. The device itself uses Hybrid Fractional Laser technology that is able to resurface both the superficial as well as the deep layers of the vaginal wall to create the prettier and more functional lady part that you had in the first place! The entire process of the Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation is done in-office without any sedation, needles, or surgery. The entire procedure is usually done in 3 sessions that are about one month apart at Bopp Dermatology. Each session will take about 3-5 minutes with minimal discomfort, and practically no downtime after. You no longer will have to feel self-conscious or deal with the intimate challenges you had before, because Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation from Bopp Dermatology can solve them for you as well as give you some extra benefits!

Benefits of Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation

While Diva can help patients with their self-esteem of their vagina, it can also give some really sweet extra benefits! For example, Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation can help with vaginal dryness, which can cause easier infections as well as painful intercourse. Diva increases the vagina’s natural lubrication so those problems can be in the past and you can enjoy yourself again! Diva can also help with bladder control. When the vagina is stretched like with childbirth, doing active things that require a strong downward force on the body like jogging, sneezing, jumping jacks, coughing, etc. will cause incontinence (“leaking”) simply because the muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be before they were stretched. With Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation from Bopp Dermatology, this doesn’t have to happen as much, if at all, due to the awesome tightening affects it has. You can finally have fun doing all those active things you want to do without the fear of leaking a little bit as you do so. Finally, the Diva procedure will help with general vaginal tone and laxity (“loosening”), which most women get really low self-esteem over. With all of these benefits, it’s hard not to be at least a little impressed with this advanced technology from Bopp Dermatology in Metairie.

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