5 Amazing Benefits of the Profound® Treatment

When the signs of aging are becoming more apparent every day, you don’t have to risk surgery to achieve younger-looking, healthier skin. Dr. Felix Bopp offers innovative anti-aging solutions to rejuvenate your skin and address common flaws that affect your self-confidence.

One revolutionary treatment that can help you achieve results is the Profound® system that uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy and a minimally invasive microneedling technique. Profound delivers the energy waves deep into your tissues to stimulate your body’s own ability to heal.

Profound offers many advantages over other nonsurgical technologies, including these 5 amazing benefits you almost have to see to believe:

1. Addresses the root cause of wrinkles and sagging skin

Profound is one of the first technologies that address the real reason why you have wrinkles and other age-related skin flaws.

While many treatments can stimulate renewed production of collagen, Profound actually increases your body’s own production of three key elements of healthy skin:

  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Hyaluronic acid

By producing more of these substances naturally, your body can heal itself, filling in wrinkles and replacing areas of lost volume to give you a younger-looking, healthier appearance.

2. Offers controlled and precise treatment

Dr. Bopp is skilled in the use of Profound, and he creates individual treatment plans to help you achieve your desired results.

Profound allows him to control the temperature of the heat energy and the depth at which he delivers the energy into your tissues. This not only ensures a great outcome, but you also have the assurance that treatment can be tailored to your specific needs.

3. Destroys stubborn under-the-chin fat

With the Profound SubQ handpiece, Dr. Bopp can address the submental fat that gives you an unwanted double-chin appearance.

The microneedles deliver radiofrequency energy into the fat beneath the surface of your skin, heating the fat cells until their structure is permanently destroyed. Your body takes over, processing the dead fat cells as waste without any additional treatment.

4. Addresses difficult treatment areas

The Profound Dermal handpiece is versatile enough to treat the more difficult areas of your face, including the folds that develop around your nose and under your jaw.

Treatment is even effective on areas of your neck that have become lax and sagging. By improving your skin’s elasticity and filling in areas of lost volume, Profound treatments can give you noticeably tighter, smoother skin without the need for surgery.

5. Makes a great alternative to fillers and invasive surgery

Profound’s radiofrequency technology effectively treats wrinkles, skin folds, and sagging skin by stimulating your body’s own healing processes. This ensures long-lasting results, and Profound treatments reduce your risk for complications that are common with other types of treatment.

You can achieve amazing results without the use of chemical fillers or the potential issues that go along with surgery, such as scarring and infection.

As Dr. Bopp is in control of every part of your treatment, you can achieve exactly the results you want without damaging surrounding skin tissue or looking overfilled and unnatural.

If Profound sounds like the solution for addressing common age-related skin flaws, request a consultation at Bopp Dermatology by calling our office in Metairie, Louisiana, at 504-291-7391.