Get Rid of Dark Spots or Tattoos with Enlighten Laser Treatment!

Everyone knows that, as you age, your skin will definitely show it. Even if you take excellent care of your skin with skincare routines and creams, time will eventually begin to take its toll. However, this doesn’t have to be when you take the extra time and care to visit a dermatology facility filled with professional staff that knows what they’re doing. Together, you can get that healthy glow back to your skin in no time or at least with a couple of treatments. One of the most common signs of aging are dark spots that appear on the body from your time in the sun. Over time, these spots can get darker and darker, and become a real problem for most people if there are many of these dark spots on their face. Thankfully at Bopp Dermatology located in Metairie, they have a solution that can reduce, if not eliminate these pesky dark spots as well as remove tattoo ink or benign pigment lesions; Enlighten Laser Treatment! Schedule your appointment today and begin your Enlighten Laser Treatment today! Still unsure? Let’s take a closer look at this advanced and effective laser treatment.

What is Enlighten Laser Treatment?

Enlighten Laser Treatment was introduced to the cosmetics world in 2014 and is considered to be the most advanced laser system for both effective as well as safe removal of dark spots, whether natural like age spots and benign pigmented lesions or unnatural like tattoos. Enlighten Laser Treatment is different from other laser tattoo removal options because instead of taking a very long time for faint results, the Enlighten Laser Treatment has improved these techniques on a near molecular level to produce faster and more visibly seen results. They do this with extremely short and high power picosecond laser pulses that literally break down the ink or melanin particles within the skin. For those of you wondering what a “picosecond” is, this is a measurement referring to one-trillionth of a second, which is much, much shorter than the nanosecond that most laser removal treatments had been using. Because these pulses are so short, you’re able to get more of them in one area, meaning that these laser pulses can break down more melanin or ink in a shorter amount of time. This results in having near or complete removal of dark spots or tattoos with fewer sessions than what you would have to have with the traditional laser treatments used in the past. So if you’re truly set on getting rid of those dark spots, or that embarrassing tattoo you regret having done, simply call or click online at Bopp Dermatology in Metairie and get a consultation to see if an Enlighten Laser Treatment would be right for you!

The Process

When it comes to getting any kind of dermatology procedure done, it’s natural to feel uneasy about it, or have some questions. Thankfully Bopp Dermatology understands this, and has filled their website with answers to most frequently asked questions. Regarding Enlighten Laser Treatment, most people want to know exactly how many treatments are required, as removing dark spots and tattoos are no simple task. Thankfully you can have a consultation done at Bopp Dermatology in Metairie, and there they will look at the composition, depth, size and color of your spots or tattoo, and will be able to give you a clearer idea on how many treatments you will need. As far as pain goes, the Enlighten Laser Treatment has been compared by many Bopp Dermatology patients as a “rubber band snapping against the skin.” If you’re particularly sensitive to this kind of pain, Bopp Dermatology comes equipped with topical and/or local anesthetics to minimize your discomfort during the Enlighten Laser Treatment.

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