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In our world, one’s outside appearance plays a crucial role in many aspects of their lives. Someone’s personality and who they are shapes a person, but basic physical appearance will always be noticed simply because it cannot be avoided. In particular, someone’s face proves to be the most memorable aspect of their physical appearance because a face does not change drastically. For many, a small thing may be a problem that inhibits confidence or one’s thoughts of themselves. To aid in those wishing for changes that they would like to see in their face, the highly trained group of doctors at Bopp Dermatology offer the highest quality plastic surgery in New Orleans.

Plastic Surgery near New Orleans

Tulane educated Dr. Felix Bopp can help improve your skin with his team to have the most personalized and ideal plan for you. The team offers a wide array of services while maintaining the highest level of expertise in all of them. As people age, their skin naturally becomes less youthful and tight due to the gradual disappearance of elastic and collagen due to sun exposure. With ematrix RF, small doses of radio-frequency energy are transferred to your face and accelerate the healing process of the skin. To provide a more confident and full look, some wish they had stronger and more prevalent cheekbones. With the cheek augmentation procedure, small and healthy FDA approved silicon plates are placed under the skin by way of the upper lip or lower eyelid. If one does not like this option, they can elect to use small dermal fillers to fill the same role. Eyes tell many stories about someone’s life and they are strongly accentuated by the eyebrows. Eyebrows that have begun to sag with age or skin exposure can tell a false story. Depending on the hairline of the recipient the small surgery is performed in different fashions, but either way the procedure takes under 2 hours. In addition to eyebrow lifts, eyelid surgery may further complement this. Eyelids can easily be altered to make someone’s resting look much more vibrant.Small amounts of excess skin can be taken away to perform this quickly and painlessly.

For our youngest look and a large aspect of personal appearance, hair plays a huge role because of the many different ways a person can choose to wear or style their hair. Unfortunately, 50 % of men and 20% of women deal with some sort of hair loss during their lifetime. With the NeoGraft hair transplant, recipients avoid traumatic scares and painful and uncomfortable processes while having their youthful look restored to their heads. Two of the most important benefits of the NeoGraft Hair Transplant is that those who receive it are usually able to return to work the next day to avoid awkward absences and there’s very little limitations of activities for wearers. Furthermore, those who elect this plastic surgery near New Orleans have the option to choose how they wish their hair length to look. For both cosmetic and practical reasons, rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly known as a nose job, is one of the more popular types of plastic surgery near New Orleans. While some may find a rhinoplasty to be a somewhat painful procedure, Dr. Felix Bopp and his expertise know how to help recipients have the fastest and most comfortable recovery time of any doctor in the area.

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For whatever you may want done, the highly touted group at Bopp Dermatology has the skills to do so with ease. Those looking to make an appointment or ask general inquiries may fill out this form. The group may be seen in person at their office located at 3421 North Causeway Boulevard, Suite 102, Metairie, Louisiana. The office is open on Monday and Tuesday from 8:15AM to 7PM and on Wednesday and Thursday from 8:15AM to 6PM. They be also be reached by email about their plastic surgery near New Orleans at or by phone at 504-455-9933. Check out Bopp Dermatology for your plastic surgery near New Orleans desires.